Rob offers a variety of services to help you including Mentoring, Consulting & Coaching, Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Public Speaking and Spiritual Guidance. More information about all of these services are below.

Mentoring, Consulting & Coaching
Rob works alongside businesses and individuals worldwide who are working to bring about profound change in their own lives and the lives of others. Support is tailored to suit your unique needs and bright future. Consider the following options and gain insight on how his services can be of greatest benefit to you.

Mentoring is a uniquely tailored program with a minimum 12 month commitment. This is the best option for embodied change and exponential success.

Consulting is a strategically focussed solution best applied to specific projects, challenges or opportunities.

Personal and Business Coaching is a focussed succinct process which initiates change through clarity. Individual sessions or a package of 4 are available.

Mediation/ Conflict Resolution
Transforming old or new differences, conflicts or frustrations is achieved through a fast cutting edge process guaranteed to achieve lasting resolution.
Regardless of your current situation transformation and harmony is achieved through engaging in this process.

Public Speaking
Why Engage Rob?

Robs purpose and passion collide captivating all who are immersed in his presence. His wisdom, joy and dedication to supporting and serving others create a dynamic learning environment that engage and transform the entire audience.

Believing all humans have endless expansive potential to create and live their best life, Rob shares his road map to success and happiness so others do not have to suffer or struggle unnecessarily.

One of Rob’s gifts is to support others to create shared realities. A Shared Reality is when a group, team or community of individuals come together with a clear vision and focus on delivering their shared purpose into the world.

Wherever he travels Rob engages audiences by motivating and encouraging others to invite wealth, happiness, peace, passion and purpose into their lives. Traversing diverse fields Rob’s natural warmth and honesty married with decades of success allow him to effortlessly connect with all humans. Rob has shared with Big Business, Corporations, Government Organisations, Not for Profits, Schools, Training bodies and even Buddhist Centres…. He also presents at festivals, his latest being Flow yoga Festival in Perth WA.

Spiritual Guidance
Every one of us share the same desire to live a happy fulfilling life.

Rob teaches that to achieve a life of happiness, peace and purpose we each need to create the causes and conditions for these qualities to take root, flourish and grow.

Taking the time to learn to be still and silent is a doorway to knowing our inner workings more deeply. In these group sessions you will explore the endless potential of our human existence, meeting once a week for meditation, reflection and question and answer time.

All are welcome. This service is offered in exchange for a donation towards facility fees.

Discovering Clarity Events
Discovering Clarity Events are for individuals, teams and entire organisations who are ready to exponentially expand their influence and impact in the world. Rob’s intention is to serve and support others to create, sustain and embody their unique ‘Bright Future’ and by implementing the Discovering Clarity process you will bring happiness, clarity and success to all who engage and participate in the event. It is facilitated by Rob who guides the entire team to embrace their individual brilliance and the vast potential of shared realities.

Anytime is the perfect time to run a Discovering Clarity Event. You may be growing through times of change, expansion and re-visioning or simply have come to understand you are ready to connect with more passion, purpose and success.

Discovering Insight has a proven track record in guiding others to reach and maintain their full potential. Our clients come from all walks of life including Business, Education, Training Organisations, Buddhist Centres. the Music and Health industries and more. My 35 years’ experience in creating successful businesses and teams as well as incorporating the best minds and practices in the world of business allow the facilitation process to unfold and be delivered with clarity and insight. In the end an embedded foundation is in place, a remarkable platform that the entire team creates, owns and rests upon.

Regardless of what you are currently experiencing I would love the opportunity to support you and your business to grow and flourish. Please do contact me if I can be of assistance.

5 Day ‘Discovering Clarity Bright Futures’ Retreats are offered on a beautiful sun kissed secluded Island in Fiji. This is a rare opportunity to take your entire team on a transformational adventure where everyone can rest and recharge while also creating your unique Bright Future and path forward.

The tax deductible benefits of this training make this package highly cost efficient with the additional benefit of boosting self care, well being, morale, cohesiveness, connection and productivity.

Attending this Retreat results in the entire team being re energised by designing the bright future of your organisation coupled with the nourishing nature of snorkelling, swimming, sailing, massage and all meals being catered for while living in simple Beachfront Bure accommodation. The team can also be involved in Coral Planting leaving gifts for future generations.

This dynamic experience is designed to allow organisations to embrace the change of exponential growth and to design solutions to any problems currently facing expansion. The results experienced are profound and compounded resulting in an organisation connected to it’s purpose with laser like focus on the vision of shared realities.

In his spare time Rob also offers Deepening Love Couples Retreats with his wife Kate. You will find more information here.