Linda Ringholt
Australian Safety And Learning SystemsMargate, Qld

I’ve known Rob for 8 years. In that time, Rob has become a deeply respected friend and a trusted business confidante.
When I first met Rob he was the owner of a highly successful business – financially secure, yet too busy to fully experience life the way he wanted. However, over time, I witnessed Rob pursue an intense journey of personal growth and learning that eventually saw him transform his life. I was operating a growing business and facing many challenges of my own as a time poor parent and business owner. I was fortunate to have Rob share his new learning and insights with me and introduce me to the teachers and resources that allowed me to embark upon my own path of personal growth and learning.
Rob has a unique blend of business experience and spiritual wisdom that he readily shares with me. Rob impresses me with his ability to comprehend the factors that impact on my business’s performance and the way he assists me to see how my thoughts and actions contribute to whatever it is I’m currently experiencing. These days I cope far better with the ups and downs of life as I have the knowledge to cultivate greater inner peace and ease. I credit Rob with providing me the mentoring and resources I’ve needed to learn about living a happier life.

Shari Elle
Communication Group

Sam Mehan
Tafe Teacher
Company Director
Film Maker

Over the past 4.5 years Rob has guided me with changing and acknowledging the limitations I was placing on myself that prevented abundance flowing into my life. With minor changes in the way I thought about myself and my understanding of life principles, I experienced massive results in my abundance and wealth flow.
With guidance it felt effortless to implement one change at a time. The benefits rippled to my health, relationships and business. Robs holistic approach to life coaching is great for those who wish to constantly become a better person in all areas of life.
Three or four times a year I engage with Rob on a program of betterment. I feel more grounded in who I am, more secure in where I’m going and increased clarity on what I want to earn and achieve.
If you are willing to become the best version of yourself I highly recommend engaging Rob to support you. The changes will be for the benefit of all those around you, your partner, your children, your colleagues, your friends and most of all for you!